If only this is the place where I can say the truth,
without any prejudice I will say everything I feel.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I would like to talk about dreams that I remembered.

This dreams lead to an answer, I don't know if it just me. But if you analyze enough, you'd probably get the answer.

A weird dream number one, I call it SCENE
on friday, may 9th, 2008. You can find this dream on the post on may 2008.
That dream is I went for a date with Esya.


Second dream I call it Wait.
Sunday, May 11th, 2008 on my post. Those who wanted to know more please read it.
We were waiting for syafiq. Supposely he did something related to 'hamlet'.
We were waiting and we were happy for him. And it must have something to do with Mrs. Victoria.

ANSWER: Maybe Syafiq won the best actor award. But the dream happen after the competition. Any other answer?

Third dream, I call it Win.
Friday, February 6, 2009. On my post.
This is the dream where Adzimah becomes a ninja and were fighting. I didn't type the person she was fighting because I didn't remember it that day but now I recall it and the familiar person who was fighting Dzmah is Farhana. We cheered loudly when Adzimah won.

ANSWER:  Adzimah won the fighting tournament in the dream.
    Dzmah won the best female participant in the seminar
    We won the best group.

Fourth dream, I call it War.
This dream I didn't post it and I didn't tell anyone.

There is this one night, a plane crashed on the highway across section 4. No ones panic except me. Syafiq were there and Adzimah also. I asked them to follow me and search for survivors. The news were out but no one cares. There was police and their dogs barking.

I made it short.

ANSWER : In my opinion, this related to the 'war' that Adzimah declared. Definitely is.

Fifth dream, I call it Big.

It was at our school, you know the second surau where evening students goes to pray. There, we have an elephant. We feed it and Farah was next to it. Then I saw an elephant wearing a scarf.
This dream is quite abstract I didn't get the message.


Monday, March 30, 2009


continue in a course of action even with the face of difficulty or with little or with no prospect of success.

It all began on the early year of 2009 when the news came out. Everyone was anxious, impatient about the good news. The long awaited drama competition, but there's a catch. An audition is held for old contestant and the new ones. Some were having doubts because it might affect their studies. Some are dying to enter. The script had been given, we practiced day and night and hoping we were in. All of the old crews were there at the audition, our director is still the same that day. But there's another catch. Everyone who auditioned was in, half of them were split into theater and drama. Luckily I was in the old drama. I was impatient and looking forward for our theme this year. Everyone was hoping for number one. All want to win.

Days have passed and the crew still doesn't have any setting, but the director recommended us to a play with it's name was a legend. ''Cry of The Kasawari''.
The name itself have it's own pride and glory. We had done searching the internet and books looking for the right play but this one could win it for sure. But there's another catch.
No one remembers the exact dialog of this play, so we ended up writing a letter to an expert whom a star in this play. A friend of mine type a letter and send it to the radio station to inform the expert. 

After days of waiting for an unreplied message, we realize that time is on the move and decide for our own setting. We search high and low, and we are still unsatisfied. In the end we decided to make our own story, a sequel to the previous play that we had. Everyone agreed, and we started doing the script but the script doesn't fit the play. Hanging scenes were all over. We delayed the practice and delayed and delayed until the teacher summon us.
The teachers were disappointed in us, they have lost faith, they scolded us. No commitment they say. I stay quiet, because it is true, I don't have anything to complain. Teacher ask us if we wanted to forfeit. We all stay quiet and looked at each other. We did not know the true answer, we have doubts across our minds. Some were already given up. I stay on because I believe there is hope to everything. Everyone agreed to continue, and we are given one day to finish adjusting the whole script. We prove to the teacher that we can, we sit until morning finishing the script. 
It was a done deal, but we barely practice because everyone are busy with their ordeals. Days passed and the tournament are just in the corner. I bought all my props for my role but one night I received a message from the director. She said,

" If you were in my shoes, would you call it off? "

I sensed distress and hopeless in that message, no one will ask if they are having doubts about something. The next day...

The next day precisely 1:05 a meeting have been held. everyone knows why, I can already expect by the look on their faces. Just as predicted, majority voted to quit and so in result the drama team was dissolved. I was quite disappointed, some were satisfied some were not. I flip a piece of coin and toss it to the air. It landed on my palm, that coin resembles the decision.
And it is black, one of my friend was unsatisfied and throw it again three times, still the result is the same. And lastly I tossed as the last piece of judgement and the coin landed on its black.
We tried hard, I am proud of our commitment really, staying up late, sacrificing time but what it's that all about, it doesn't even matter now.

It ends.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


"I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything.
do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying."

It's already march 29th, The time marches slowly, 
it is only you who run late.
Tell me dream what is your message, 
often things happen after you depart. 
Tell me dream what is your purpose;
 often you came without one.
Tell me dream when did you came;
 you often came unexpected.
Tell me dream how far you have gone; 
come back now.
Tell me dream who are your master;
you often having lot's of.

Tell me dream; 
where is my nightmare.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


There-there calm down my dear;
What have gotten in to you? Your life seems to be falling apart again. Just yesterday you were optimist about the future and now you deceiving them? What is happening, when does it happen, how it happen, and why it happen. Your minds are clouded with dark thoughts that you never seem to grasp. 

How are you exact my dear;   
You looking fine and life had tried hard to fix those 'accidents'. Things have been looking up to you and now what's wrong? You had your dream yesterday and today it changed into another or for worse, it's gone?

Tell me my dear;
Are you tired with this life, are you under pressure, or it just some short twitch in your program.

Think about it my dear;?
What exactly in this life that you pursue?


I was hoping for arts but it's okay...
Today we got certificate for best students, I got for ICT. I envy Z because of her brains, 6 awards I think and I only got one. ;( 
The day started as normally as it is, pizza and garlic bread for breakfast and went straight to school. Me and F arranging the chairs and tables, then we have to accompany the parents to sit at the arranged place. I waited for my father, sure everyone knows him. F said my father look a like like Mr.Sam, speaking of Mr.Sam there is one moment when I look at him and he nods his head upwards like.

"Ko pehal?"

Actually he was talking to the teachers behind me. Regarding this issue about jealousy, I
became more envious thus became more forward to the future and I just love those pale yellow papers. It is a piece of paper but it holds sweatdrops in it.

I eat a lot lately, but never mind about that. I would like to talk about the earth hour.
Anyone plan for a night picnic under the stars, or host a party in the dark, Or maybe at least we can practice our acting. I am not good of doing things. If anyone are having a picnic, party, or practice ring me a call... ;) so much of a plan.

Friday, March 27, 2009


It is March 27  and it is Friday. I love fridays, not the restaurant but the 'friday'. I feel so calm and relaxed maybe it is because of weekdays.
Okay today I would like to talk about candid. First of all candid means, straightforward or truthful. In this topic it is related to camera and pictures. Candid moments are remarkably nice at certain moments. It represents the exact 'truth' about what is happening.
You can get funny pictures and also good shots compare to doing poses. It is all about 
''Capturing the Moment''.
Regarding this topic, I have been craving for a DSLR camera and 'but'... I bought a Digital Camera instead. Not bought to be exact, most of my things are free. Anyways, the reason why I let down DSLR is, eventhough it can get great pictures but it couldn't record video. I was upset about because videos actually more entertaining than pictures. 

Candid moments from a video is great, immediate reaction, they will say everything that across their mind. I just love spontanious moments like this. So Candid is one of the best options for memory collectors.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


ThEy ToLd Me ThaT LiFe is Like A wHeEL.
But nO oNe EveR told Me thAt It spins so fast.

They say time flies when you are having fun, but I am not enjoying this. Some parts were good, some part were just plain bitter. I've been chasing up to my studies, pardon me for not paying attention to the teacher but my laziness is stopping me from my struggling. I have met smart students, straight A students, from the lowest based classed students to the account+science=stream.
They are all smart people, but some of them are lacking something important in life. I do feel challenged from soggy people who just adore to underestimate me. And that is a good thing, really. ;)

You know what makes a student score on certain subjects? Well the major factor is the quality of the teacher. You see, I never liked History but with the new teacher, I'm beginning to like it. With passion and hard work you will get an A for sure. 
If the teacher are sort-off 'un-proffesional" (no offense) educator then we will loose interest with their subjects and felt that certain hatred against them.

Oh, I ran miles from the topic.
The thing is my life had been hectic lately, 
but one day we will miss this 'hecticness' and laugh at it.
So then we kept on wishing to go back to the past.


I have read that 'Broken' Blog and it amuses me to see how people look in this life. When we observe, we tend to act based on what we have observed. Please... I hate to be the rain in your parade but your lack of certain something makes me want to be the storm in your parade.
I maybe not that well educated (in a sarcastic manner) nor have the so-called-perfect english.
But at least I didn't have a Bad Name on my forehead. 
Maybe when I have the chance to talk to you, I would speak like this.

" Heeell-looo, nice...to...meet...you..
umm. Can... you... understand... me?? Hellooo " (wavings)

My grandiosity have beaten your bombastic narcissist language...
Beat that?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Stop thinking about  yourself, wear other people's shoes for a change. We always think that we have the worst lives but we are selfish, we never look upon others. Try to wear other people's shoes for a change.
Narcissistic Buffoons...

No matter How NiCe You ArE,
ThEre Will Be At LeaST One PeoPle whO HaTes YoU.



Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This part of my life had left me a big


Monday, March 23, 2009


It is monday, March 23rd 2009. 
The first day of school after a week of holiday. I woke up at 6 and wonder what I have been done in the past weeks. Slowly I put on my clothes and reminiscence my promises. The first reason why I went to school in the first place. I remember my undone promises, the promises that I have always broken all this time. I have always promise to be good at academics. 
When I was little my parents brought me toys and such and I always promise them.
That I will study hard, but the words are just like the wind. Passes by and not many care.

Even from the small monthly test to the big UPSR and PMR test. I always disappoint them.
This is the last year after 9 years of promises. I won't regret and I won't break any promises no more. There are always people who said to relax and have fun it's just a test. And they do it the same with SPM. No, I wont listen to those traps anymore. I will make my own phase from now on. And leave all those knaves behind.

After packing up I kiss my mom and wait for the carpool. I arrive at school and wait for my friends. After the morning assembly ends I went straight back to class. It is always like this, noises and teachers mumblings. The worst class perhaps, I mean never in history that almost all your teacher's explode.

I took a long glance at them while waiting the teacher to came in.
I have this hatred burning inside me, I felt like they were just a rain in my parade. I hate some of them, there are certain people who don't belong there. They have become a burden. Some of them have become a hand but some of them a just a weight holding me back so that I can't move forward.
Can't they see that winning is not easy.

The test results were handed in. My marks were horrid, but this feeling of hatred give me reason to move on and beat them to pieces. At some part we have to be selfish and So let it be, it is not the future to my caring. 

"I have scratch your back but you never scratch mine"


Gaah! I have another thing to put on my 'Can't live without' list. The internet, the internet and I were fighting then it started to breaking down. 
I felt like bashing my head on the laptop (for legal purposes) because of the internet rundown.
Seriously I can't live without it.
A friend of mine just came back from Bali, well have you ever been to Malaysia?


My father have been all busy with his work, we barely have time to look at each other. And this one day he wants to find the famous caligraphy artist 'Imad' for work off course. He bare lays at the Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. The central market or which is famously known as The art Market.
We took the road from K.D to Bangsar to avoid traffic jams, then straight to KL.
When we arrived there we saw a stuntman jumping from the top of the building. They were shooting, either a commercial or a movie.
There we dozens of tourist there, from many country. There I saw from America, Korea, Japan, Thailand, vietnam maybe and most from europe with their white skin obviously.

I was amazed as soon as I set my foot there. There were stalls and shops. Beautiful Paintings and I felt that certain envious side of me burning. I wish I could be like them but they live quite a simple life. And I don't want to be that simple.
I am also an artist but there are two types of artist.

The commercial artists and 'artist'.
Like my father I am also a commercial artist. What is that you say? A commercial artist is an artist who glows with the flow of money but an 'artist' is an artist who does it for self enjoyment and pleasure.
I feel hopeless when I'm there. Those great artworks are unbeatable. It is quite a cultural place which is an eye-spot for tourist.
Actually my ambition is to have the title 'International' in art relation.
Sorry I got more pictures and more words to fill up but hey I got 4 coursework left unfinished.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hari ini aku taip dalam bahasa melayu. 
Kenapa? Lebih gramatis bukan? sebenarnya untuk Saja-saja sahaja.

Cuti terbaru ini tidak dapat ku nikmati sepenuhnya, kerana kerja yang banyak dan aku tidak sedar akan perjalanan masa. Sudah tiga hari aku ponteng tusyen, dengan alasan banyak kerja. Ya kerja yang agak banyak tetapi tidaklah berbaloi untuk meninggalkan pelajaran. Mahupun sudah lama tidak membuka buku , kerja-kerja ku masih terbengkalai. Aku tidak tahu bagaimana hendak memulakannya. 
Azamku tahun ini adalah untuk hidup tanpa penyesalan, dan ya tanpa sebarang penyesalan.
Lebih-lebih lagi dalam hal tusyen, aku sudah lama tidak menghadiri kelas aku takut aku akan ketinggalan. Aku masih mengekalkan azamku tapi aku sering bertanya kepada diriku.

" Kenapalah aku tak belajar 'lebih', masa tingkatan empat dahulu."

Aku mengaku yang aku juga berbulan madu pada tahun itu. Mindaku berada di awang-awangan pada tahun itu, kesannya sifat malasku semakin hari semakin membuak-buak. Aku selalu bangun lewat sejak kebelakangan ini. Aku melarang diri aku untuk tidur petang kerana ia tidak sihat dan aku takut ia akan terbawa-bawa semasa peperiksaan SPM nanti. Tapi aku hanya menemui kegagalan, mungkin aku berada didalam tekanan.

Jiwaku kacau sejak kebelakangan ini. Aku tidak mahu belajar,aku tidak mahu melukis. Ini kerana aku hilang cita-cita. Aku mempunyai impian tetapi tidak mempunyai cita-cita. Sukar memilih, memang sudah menjadi sifatku. Biasanya aku akan lontar duit syiling dan jika aku berpuas hati maka aku akan ikut syarat syiling itu. Tapi dalam hal memilih cita-cita agak sukar, ini adalah kerana duit syiling hanya menpunyai dua muka. Aku mempunyai banyak cita-cita, aku takkan bergerak selagi tidak memilih cita-citaku.
Mungkin bagi sesetengah orang, benda ini kelihatan remeh dan 'over' katanya. Tapi bagiku, ia ibarat hidup dan mati. Aku mungkin 'exaggerate' tapi hidup aku kosong tanpa cita-cita.
Aku sudah mempunyai impian tetapi cita-cita yang aku perlukan untuk melengkapkan hidupku.

Malam ini aku tidak menghadiri kelas tusyen lagi. Aku berasa sedih dengan keadaanku yang sekarang. Senang kata hidup aku buntu. Bila aku pandang masa hadapan, aku berasa takut. Jantungku berdebar-debar, aku sudah kehilangan semangat belajarku aku sudah tidak yakin dengan masa depan. Tetapi aku masih yakin bahawa aku akan pulih semula, lumrah hidup katakan.
Jadi aku mungkin akan 'moody' sehingga aku berjaya memilih cita-citaku. Sukarnya untuk memilih... Umpama memilih antara sirap limau dan teh 'o' ais limau bukan?
Sedangkan kedua-duanya mempunyai rasa yang berbeza.

video sudah diupload
selamat menjamu selera

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


it is funny how one moment a stranger can come into your life and becomes someone close to you.

but it is not as funny when that close friend that you have suddenly becomes a stranger.”


" After all this time, I haven't seen your perfection"

Those sharp words stabs my heart. How a perfectionist, who expect everything to go as planned never show his perfection. I am a person who must have a system. Without a system I won't proceed. I need a well built plan before I start my work. But it seem I don't have any...
How could I move on if I don't have a path to walk through.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After the sun went down.
I stare at the black skies, by seeing the bright star it blisters my mind with infinite questions but it soothes me
at the same time. Just by looking at it, like a diamond reflecting hope. It seems to portray dreams that I have gathered. I realize now, I need to pick the brightest star in my life.


I am still on the search of finding my true identity. I kept on walking in this lonely desert with nothing to hold on. I am at war with my own self. Although it is dark but I can still see the flowers blooming across the black sand and with myself, I could lid a light in this dark world. I also have put together pieces of a dream but I still doesn't have one.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Day by day passes and I have seem to lost grasp on the thing that I have been holding on. I am beginning to feel that my life have lost it purpose. I am ambitious but what are my ambitions?
I am optimistic but where is the future?
Sad and pathetic, 
I watched the things that I gave my life to broken.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today is the birthday of my beloved father and sister.
Some people don't celebrate their birthdays,
like a friend of mine, 'the' family forgets 'the' birthday. Some don't have a chance to celebrate their birthdays with their families and such. Some even forgot their birthdays. Some don't care, and some celebrate their birthday in a war torn land or even upheld in a prison.

" I lend you my shoes if you want?"

" When all you got to keep is strong,
move along."

I am 17-years old and still have trouble choosing my career. I don't know what I really like. Walking down to malls 'observing' people. Some with broad smiles on their face, sticking their phone to their ear for hours and hours. They are successful people, and with successful career follows a successful life. But mostly I see chinese people, they are the one who is ruling the streets. I can't stand to that, I'm not racist but why can't we be like that?

" golongan yang bermata sepet seperti cina,jepun,korea, adalah orang yang rajin."

Regarding this, I have otakus and Japanophile following my blogs, so Let's savour a little nice things about Japan. In Japan they have Free Hug campaign which started from Juann Mann.
Some says it won't happen in Japan maybe because of busy people especially around tokyo but it did. This is a true documentary I found on youtube.

For those who care about why FREE HUGS on the sign board is written in English, not Japanese, they wanted to communicate with the original English-language words, and they are the message.
So if you go to Japan and you could get a free hug.
But I do notice, people are smiling whenever they are hugging, And that actually made my day.
I am happy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The news, all the information I could get. But it is not just the information, I also get to see the darker side of human. I despise them, I despise human. Humans are one of the miserable beings that I could tolerate living in this world. I loathe their wrong actions, do they did not know consequences. Why do they act like this, do they know no shame? Foolish humans, who are you to defy everything? 
They think they are superior beings when there are things that are more superior than them. They think they are wiser but there are animal's wiser than them.
Human's are moronic, they do not think carefully when doing something, they just do things.
Day by day the world goes on like this. Human's die because of humans, human's lied because of humans, the destruction of mother nature also have been executed by human act.

If it goes on, then there is no need for aliens to come and conquer our planet, no need for future machine to take over the world,no need for zombies to mutate, no need for the second Ice age, no need for the meteor to hit the earth, no need for the sun to explode, no need to have a black hole nearby, no need for the stars to fall, no need to flood the world, no need... just by the human act, it could already destroy the world.


And so my daily routine is to browse blogs and youtube, suddenly while I was browsing I found this...
Like I said Malaysian people only know how to copy and paste only but in addition they're also change it into the most horrid and worse re-incarnation. You can call me a pessimist and such but I say what I want about corrupted people and no prejudice's can stop me.
By the way I pity the person whom appeared at 1:55 , wow... world is really unjust with re-incarnations.

Friday, March 13, 2009


It takes 6 people to catch a monkey...


I flunk again in my art test.

I came late for the first test, 1 hour late. So I got only a solid one hour and a half left.
In the progression of my work, the class was very noisy. I couldn't concentrate, and I don't know why but my hands are shaking. They were running around, and guess what they spilled water all over the floor. And keep screaming 'Mak Oi' all the time. So I ended unsatisfied with my work and decided to join with Group from class 5A and 5B. After a few minutes negotiate with Mrs.H, I have the chance to join group Beta.
But... After recess I got papers for ICT. I couldn't concentrate and my hands are shivering. I just wrote down anything that cross through my mind and finished the ICT paper about  10- 15 minutes or so. I get out of the class and went down to the art room, but it is locked. So I went back up and search for the guys. I met AG on the way, he is pointing at the computer lab. So I went downstairs and upstairs again to the computer lab. But there's no familiar faces there. I went down and find the nearest open door, and that is the cooking room.
Just as I expected, they were there. So I went and sit, there are new members as well, 
Kiss and Yas have joined in.

It is common that the Art exams turned into a gossip talk. And yeah gossip is fun and all. 
About the drawing, I decided to start over. And today is friday so I have to get back home early. It took me approximately one hour to draw and color a butterfly and I haven't got much time. So I drew the background fast and it turned out like a 6 year old drawing.
So basically I flunk two papers today. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009


" Anak Nelayan 20A1 "

That headline really makes my world shake. Why? It is because that a fisherman's daughter got a solid 20A's . And I am ashamed of us that we are wealthy but no where near a fisherman.
But I am proud of her,(tumpang gembira) and I want the smile that appeared on TV.
Those proud and happy faces, tears dropped. I want that sensation. 
And judging the way this fisherman's daughter talks. There is one important thing that can give us success, and that one thing we always forget.
I'm not that senseless on saying what it is.

600++ 11A1
1000++ get 10A1
3000++ get 9A1


As I was blunt and out of answers, I turn my head to the open door just to see the faces of them.
But I was sitting too far and I could not see, but I still can see that some were jumping, some were hugging. Some shook down and I wonder, their friends circled them curious about what they have gotten. Those pale yellow papers their holding, I kept on staring, wondering... every second passes swiftly without any sound. It was quiet, everyone is focusing on their paper. 
Those people, I was so curious on knowing what it is like. But it is all upheld, one day we will circle that table too, and we will wait in line... and that line makes us who we are.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"When you’re little, night time is scary because there are monsters under the bed. When you get older the monsters are different. Self doubt, lonliness, regret. And though you may be older and wiser, you still find yourself scared of the dark."
And off course I couldn't agree more... 
When we were young, we were unexposed to the world. We didn't know what financial is, we didn't know the consequences of something. 
And today I am 17 years old. I can call myself young, because we were unexposed to the real world out there. Where people will kill because of greed. Our education  represents our health, the period for how long that we will survive. We are always fearless and happy today but have we think about the consequences of the future? How can we survive? 
Some were born ready and optimist, some just talk big and stupid.
Life is not as simple as it is... and off course on your way to your stardom you will encounter many choice.
And the point of choice is that we have to choose. The way we act  represents ourself.
A few of my friends said that you should be yourself, be who you are.
I can't agree 100% on that. What if our true self is ugly. Then we have chosen to act on it. People will always look for first impression, and on that first impression people can already predict who you are. It is good to follow others but not every time.
We will face problems 10 times what we have faced here. Unless we are prepared then it should be smooth sailing.
So,be prepared and Get ready for the ride of your life. Your 7 months represents your whole life.



" Hentam jawapan merupakan satu usaha."

Hardwork, not everyone has it. As I see, some have high ambitions, but that are just words.
I am done with all this people, I will ride my own boat, jump in for those who want to follow.
And leave behind those who doesn't.


You know some people are not rich. Even as a student they have to work. I pity them you know.
And us riches, are selfish, ignorant narcissistic fools who only work for gluttony and pride.


No matter how nice we are, no matter how kind we are there is always someone who dislike us.
and why is that?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Want to hear a scary story?


It was raining...
The tuition class have ended, me and Amir have bid farewell and There was I walking straight back home. As I walk I saw this red crescent vehicles roaming around and people with masks walking around and running around. I walked with great pride like K.D is my territory with my heads up like " Apahal Nie?!" or in english " What the fuck?"
With all the buzzing sounds, and white gaseous. The smell of poison fumes the air with it mighty toxic. With a puzzled face I walked and there I saw Lee. She was smiling and her mom is there too. I went straight to my mom passing all of the  members of the Ministry Of Health.

" Is there a zombie on the lose?"

That is the first thought that pop out of my mind. I guess I have been watching too many horror flick lately. 
Everybody is out, all of the neighbours are out with their pyjama's and such.
We were evacuated out of the house.
Before this the person speaks with the Megaphone and he said something like this.
Haha the plot thickens...

" Harap maaf penduduk seksyen 6 sila tutup makanan, buka semua pintu dan keluar. Kerjasama anda amatlah dihargai."

It is like those zombie movies where people were evacuated,
it reminds me of 28 weeks later so far the best zombie flick I have ever seen.
as you see this is an interesting scenario..

" Kami mahu menyembur racun nyamuk Aedes didalam rumah anda"

There you have it, it was raining and we wait outside. The ministry of health logo and red crescent is all over the place. It is really like a zombie outbreak.The buzzing sounds were the sprayer and it looked like a minigun.  It was fun and all until I forgot that I have exams...

Monday, March 9, 2009


This week is exam week, a little bit relaxed but with all the delayed work, it has become a burden.
I need to change so I don't do things at the last minute...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


" Maybe I already have all the pieces,
but how do I put it together? "

I went for walk at the Sunway Pyramid, exciting isn't it? Well last time we went there we sat at a glass bench an observe human nature.
There is some in my opinion is not so good looking dude posing in front of a camera, and my oh my... He made faces (memang perasan hensem giler). We laugh looking at his face, no offense but please don't do that kind of face again. There are people passing by, we observe at their clothing well basically the chinese were fine with that Harajuku style with blonde and brown hair and such. But the Malay some were okay but some were horrid. I mean who screamed out
loud and wear a sweater with shirtless inside, it is awful showing your god damn nipples in public. It's okay if you had a sexy body but with all that flab, I mean there's kids out there...

It is a Malay virtue to copy and paste,
What's up with this Shuffle everywhere, I admit I shuffle once but it became boring since everyone doing it. Shuffle here Shuffle there, I mean it is a cool dance moves but don't over do it because it looked horrible especially those who can't dance.

And finally A Know it All Malaysian, I mean laugh out loud and walking everywhere with a smirk on their faces. Who do they think there are, snobbishly act like they own this place.

Okay done with 'typical' Malays.

As usual we always went to the Asian Avenue, you know the place that looks like a disco with those dance machines around. I went to Comic Paradise to buy Comics off course duhh...
Then my dad bought some Ps3 games, we ate sushi again for like 8 weeks in a row. 

And there is this hobby shop or a party shop that sells crazy things. A female/male torso, masks, wigs, suits and other miscellaneous stuff. The mask that the drama 24 wears also been sold there. 

There was this Martial Arts demonstration held at the centre hall. I only got to see the drum practice and it already fun to watch.
I have seen lot's of movies lately and thinking of changing my career.
Well I exaggerate a little bit there but it was all good fun!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Day by day passed and this Blog slowly losing it's purpose.
Today a study group was held at the Park, a meeting that consists of two people.
It turned out boring then it turned all emotional and Emo.

''Do you believe in fate?''

Lately I have been doing this question mark really often, maybe because of the new batman movie or that there are so many questions in this life. As you know life is full of possibilities.
And off course behind every possibilities have it's trial and error.

"Have you know fair?"

I do know that life is unfair, but I do believe that god is the fairest. The truth of life can be very painful but that is life, just live yours. We always wanted to be somebody but there's somebody else who wanted to be us. We always blame people and always think that we can do better. But can we?
We always talk behind a persons back telling that we can do better things in his or her life. But have we wore their shoes? You don't know a person unless you are the person him/her self.

'' It is hard to be me?"

Really? Have you tried and relive every life of a person in this world? How can you know that it is hard to be you when there are harder lives crawling everywhere.  So stop nagging unless you somehow relive every single person on this entire solar system.

" I didn't do anything wrong? "

There is this one person maybe more, who didn't know or deny their own weaknesses is. And blame others but instead he/she had done it too. Have you try to look in the parallel universe called the mirror. Then if you do look at yourself properly and don't blame others.
Like Mrs. S said.

" One of your finger is pointing, but the other four is pointing back at you. ''

Thursday, March 5, 2009


" If you get good there and then you can plan your way through,
but if you fail this 8 month then you have failed your whole life. "

There is that remarkable word from our physics teacher, we did nothing today but just revise the past topic. I wish the motivation would last longer. Anyways we had a great laugh at Chemistry class. It is an epidemic, spreading like a infectious disease, like a plague.
The laugh start when Bachelor making a joke about Zorro. Then this Slum Dog Millionaire scene started to come out. The laugh spread over the whole class, and the teacher was like

'' What is wrong with this people?"

We hold our laugh with various poses, some closes their noses, some closes their mouth some just cough and cough...
but it breaks out and we laugh till the end of class.


It's a bit late, he stood in front of the gate waiting for the moment where he will depart to the common place where knowledge is attain. Then he arrived there, he walk straight to the front gate. It was crowded with green ambience. It is always his duty to guard the gate. One by one, came the rotten egg... slowly march across the street. Then it ended.
As soon as it have finished, he went upstairs to his daily sit. He tried hard to concentrate but disturbed by annoyance.

It is always like this daily, each time to focus then another one interfere. He felt a surge of hatred inside and he wonders dark things. Isolation...
Then these three girls walked into the room.
But before everything comes to places, an explosion of havoc occur.
And there he sat and thought that his life went astray. His mind frozen hearing her talking. What to do then just smile.
After seconds and after minutes passed, he could only nod to the rage. Stepping aside from all the problems. There he stopped and wonder again...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A pirate or an outlaw

you know these once were my dreams, eheh as a kid. But still in this age I still hold this dream. But nearly impossible for me to accomplish it. 
Who wouldn't want such a life, travel the seven seas, mount ships, blasting cannons. Get all dirty with the mates. You know like the movie POTC?
or rob banks like the mob, ride horses and such.
You know this is what we called fantasy.
I am sure everyone have at least one...


Nothing much happened these these days, photography sessions for two days, topical tests this week and I am exhausted from all the work. My ICT assessment and my art assignment still left unfinished. I have uploaded some videos.

I don't know what they are talking about. 0_o

The guys are shooting some hoops. ;)

hot model Striptease! XD