If only this is the place where I can say the truth,
without any prejudice I will say everything I feel.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey guys, I'll be goin for my national service. Therefore this blog's closed for about 3 months.
Sorry for the inconvenience, Wish me Luck. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We decided to watch The Lovely Bones. I once watched the trailer and planning to watch it. But time passes by and I already forgotten about it until Bella and Xera recommend it to me.
Just as expected, the graphic is amazing. You can google the synopsis of the movie, typing it here would cause spoilers.

The fact that the movie is about death makes me wonder, what if I am dead or one of us are no longer here. For certain changes will take place. I kept imagining that, the one's who cried mourning of the deaths. And the one's who doesn't even care. And it also alarmed me that death can come anytime and anywhere, unexpectedly.

Despite the beautiful graphics, the plot is amazing as well. My tearduct almost explode when the father of the victim cried and smashing bottles of ships. I can feel the sadness. The actor seems to be playing the role amazingly well.

Speaking of roles. The one named Stanley Tucci plays as the psychopath in this movie. You can google him and compare to this movie. He clearly breathes the role perfectly, I can feel the tense and his expressions were dramatical.

This movie makes you wonder a lot. Especially the sad part, it touched me. It's cruel how people don't think when they do something, like taking someone's life.
This movie was based from a book, I gave a recommendation for a movie like this.

Sunday, March 21, 2010



There I said; " Some people have all the luck.''

Everyone have set a path on the future, building bridges of hope, and let it shine.
I didn't get what I wanted, maybe because I have less money. The thing is, I am confused.

To me, I want is the true experience. It is like choosing section 4 and section 10.
At first all of us wanted to go to Section 10 but in vain, then we realize that section 4 was better. Maybe it is the cause of more freedom?

Same scenario here, like the Malay phrases; " Ikut Hati Mati ". I am always like that, same goes with the Kelantan Trip. I did not want to go at first but I went on instead. And there I get the best trip of my school life. Would be such waste if I didn't go right?

You see; to me experience counts but then, it's not about the present. It's the future.
So nowadays IPTS was created as an aid for the fallen. Sounds epic but it's kinda unfair. All who have money can continue their studies, but not for the likes of the poor, who have to work hard on getting into a university.

Sigh, I hope what I've chosen will shine and give me a bright future.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Until now, I'd never fully understand the term 'successful'. Is having a lot of money being 'successful'. Or is it achieving certain target makes you 'successful'. They're all differ. Whatever it is, that term is subjective, unable to define it thoroughly.

After the devastating blast, last thursday. People started to realize the impact. It was devastating to see the dreams of your friends crushed. Some decided to move on, sacrificing their plans, dreams and take the alternatives. And some whom I pity, gives up. It's not that amusing since your options are limited. You can only go with what you have. What a pity, some of us hope for the best and unready for the worst. Thus, such shock are carved on their faces.

It is rather humiliating as well, imagine you go on living with the same thing. And people will ask you what you got, and thats it. Your first impression on jobs and careers might perish like that, it just might.

For all reason I am one of them as well. I can see one of my dreams crushed into pieces, like a mirror that you throw from afar. Smash! Thats the sound of it.

But like I said before, it's not coincidence. You don't get that for no reason. There is a reason for everything that have happened, and for a reason everything happens. Who knows, your first plan might not make you happy at all, there goes another disappointment. This is an act of god, so you tried your best, even if you weren't. If the omnipotent want give you that, then HE will give it as it is. There's never been a coincidence, this is destiny, this is fate. This is all part of the plan.

This is your destiny, you might end up liking it more than you can imagine, and there you go and say, " I couldn't have it any other way ".

Monday, March 8, 2010


" Everybody knows that your life is a story. But what if a story was your life."

I just watched an old movie ''Stranger than Fiction''. Yeah I'm always late on these thing. The thing about this movie is, it gave me a wider prospect of 'coincidence' and fate. Do you believe in coincidence? Again same with the nominated Slumdog Millionaire. Do you think the main character in that film enters the show Who wants To be a Millionaire by coincidence, certainly not. If you watch the movie, you'll find how intriguing his life can be. And how fate take place in every event. The same thing with this film.

I didn't know much about Stranger Than Fiction, it is because I watch it halfway before the movie ends. I give you a glance what the storyline is all about. From what I know is that this person hearing narrations of his life like a story, which seem strangely accurate. Then he soon found that the narration was a voice of a book writer on a tv show. The book writer said that the ending of the book is going to be another death just like her previous book.

Shocked by this outcome, the man pursue the writer to give a consider about the ending of his life. The writer also realize that whatever she writes become real. She becomes horrified to consider all of her previous books may have also resulted in the the deaths of real people.
In the end she decided to keep him alive after almost ended the story with death like the usual. Although it will lower the strength and quality of the book.

This movie shows many relevant evidence of Fate which seem considerably fun to watch. Consider this movie was meant for comedy, it still doesn't hide the true message of life.

Another thing about this movie is about death, from what I know this man watch seems to dies in the story and so he asked a stranger about the time. Due to getting time from the stranger earlier, his watch is three minutes ahead, and by that three minute he took a bus a early while waiting for another bus, at that time a child riding a bicycle seem to fall on the road while the bus is approaching. He tend save a child on a bicycle from being run over by a bus, though himself is hit by it. The writer attempts to write the death but unable to do so, and instead claims the watch was the character that died. But instead the fragments of the watch miraculously stopped the bleeding some arteries which preventing him from bleeding to death.

The thing is, that death can come even with a small change like getting early 3 minutes..

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I stumbled upon this video on someone else's blog and I couldn't help but to share this masterpiece. This video was done by fans of this certain Japanese band called SOUR, I think. I didn't do much research. Before watching please pause the theme song on the bottom of this blog. This is entirely webcam masterpiece. Enjoy, SOUR's Hibi No Neiro( Tone of Everyday).

Friday, March 5, 2010


" It's funny how day to day nothing changed, but when we look back, it's not the same."

I went to school sports day today. It's nice, I felt a year younger. Breathing the school's air, the hectic life, and the loud ear deafening bells. I met most of the teachers, and I am very happy. I just love the expression on their faces when they see an ex student. So, I have a little chat with every single teacher's that I met. Nothing much changes, just very happy to see them. Oh don't forget the juniors as well. Heheh. Oh and there's also seniors of the school also came along. It was fun and hot even doing nothing. All the teachers are talking about the 11th march. Who doesn't know that date must be left out. I am anxious bout the results. Miss Z, is expecting good marks on physics. *shivers...

The school doesn't change much except for adding more grills, it look like a prison now. Haha, the sports day went well, at least for us, an exception from drying under the scorching sun. The teachers are mostly busy with their ordeals, but at least I get a chance to meet them. And that is enough to make my day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Most I've asked already decided what to do with their future. Some have already came with a backup plan. Some felt like there is no tomorrow. Some have chosen the road less travelled and some chose the road most people travelled. And some of us, still lost in the middle.

I did not do heavy research on what I want to be, it is confusing. I felt like I want to be apart of everything. Most people have done tons and tons of research for their future career. Some people just prefer to go with the flow.

Lately I've been imagining the scene when we take the results. Some say, It's holiday, no one's in the school except for us. We can laugh all we like, scream till our voice's gone, or maybe cry till our eyes swell. And in these moments where people can make the real decisions on what they can have, could have or couldn't possibly be.

Most people around me, I've seen change. Becoming more mature. I myself simply have a phobic of welcoming changes. But it's the course of nature. I am no one to interfere with it.

The point here is about making the 'Right' choice which lead you to the 'Right' way. I just don't want to do something that I will regret in the future.
Please, No More Regrets...